An extremely beautiful girl who is liked by many people. She can make anybody laugh and loves to smile. She is not like any other, she's amazing. And can be hyper and is an amazing person
Lee is so pretty.
by starrbbysz February 20, 2012
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Lee meaning to be Loyal or Wise describing a person
My boyfriend is very Lee
That is a Lee thing to do
by Jim Lee Ben August 14, 2019
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A gorgeous and invincible female who could probably take on world domination while looking oh-so fabulous and texting her best friends at the same time.
Zombies are taking over? Pssht, let a Lee take care of it.
by RandomGirl19 November 10, 2009
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Great sex from a so called lee , amazing at seducing , can be shy at times , usually a great kisser
Lee is such an amazing person and is great at seducing
by Cornelium December 20, 2017
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Hot, hot, hot

The loveliest guy you will ever meet.

Very cuddly, any girl would be lucky to have him....
by Blimmin February 24, 2010
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The most good looking guy that has ever walked on the planet. A lee is someone who is thoughtful and cares a lot about others. When you meet a Lee, there very shy and you gotta talk to them first. When you do, it's worth it. They usually have beautiful green eyes and Dark hair, they are unique and different than all the other guys. Lee's usually have girls falling for them every second. A lee is always in you're friends conversations about how cute he is. They have freckles and they are very southern. Lee's are very athletic and popular. Girls are lucky to have a guy named Lee. Lees are very thoughtful and religious, they care a lot for others. Say hi to a lee, you never know.
Omg that's Lee!
He's like the hottest boy in school

Dang, I wish I was a Lee
I'm jealous.
by Ladybug23 November 23, 2013
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