Most likely an Asian person. Means "purple orchid" in Vietnamese and Chinese. Probably pretty, with long, or short black shiny hair. And "FOB" bangs. Can be quiet, but usually isn't. Fun to be around, and likes to take a lot of pictures. Good at sports, and is mature for their age. Has a big vocabulary, and draws or doodles. Smart, and tries their best. Sometimes perverted, and uses the term "That's what she said" loosely. Easy to fall in love with, and easy to be-friend. Stands below 5'2". A very good friend, and girlfriend. Will be successful in life.
Lan sucks at being cool.
Lan is so asian and short.
by BeingYourself June 20, 2010
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A slang (rude) word in Turkısh invocation style a person who female or male
-Come on Lan Fight me bastard !
_Fuck u Lan motherfucker
by Freddy's Jason June 5, 2015
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He is the the strongest guy with better six pack then argjent. Hes biceps are bigger then mount everest. In the future he wants to be homosexual. Again the most strongest guy.
The name usualy from slovenia. Every man named lan is strong.
by Tvoja mama December 31, 2019
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A super tall, beautiful girl. Basically a goddess. Early bloomer with a like for K-POP and music in general. Can be shy, but isn’t afraid to speak her mouth if you talk shit about her. Will it you with a comeback if necessary. Comes from an Asian family of literal goddesses. Overall a beautiful woman
Lan is so pretty! She is a goddess.

Did you hear Lan roast (name)?
by xxXL0YALTYXx_x June 23, 2019
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A total bitch who eats everyone's potatoes and never ever shares. He has fat hand feet and you sometimes see him and his best friend on TV commercials and Music channels.
Hey ! Lan is on TV eating the potatoes he stole from me !
by Handy and Bob.shit January 13, 2018
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When two or more people setup their computers on the same local area network (LAN), and in most cases, play video games together. People lanning often host LAN Parties consisting of many people on the same LAN, and like to do things like pull allnighters and consume TONS of caffeine. Currently, most people like to lan together to play first person shooters, or strategic games in which it is very important to communicate.
George: Hey Fred, you wanna go see a movie tomorrow night?
Fred: Sorry dude, tommorow I'm gonna be Lanning with some friends.. You can come as long as you bring your own computer and LAN cable, though!
George: Well I don't know, it depends what you guys are gonna be playing.
Fred: Don't worry man, we're gonna be playin Starcraft and CounterStrike.
George: Sweet, I'm in!
Fred: Yeah, but don't forget to bring your own caffeine!
by Jonas! July 22, 2006
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An acronym that means "Local Area Network" but is more often seen as "LAN Party" which is a gathering of geeks/computer gamers for the sole purpose of gaming and exchanging gigantic numbers of files.
So you think you can play in some shitty pub where you can ping rape everybody? Do it on LAN and then I might be impressed.
by Tank! June 27, 2004
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