A small country located between Syria and Palestinian occupied territories. This country is known for it's gorgeous girls and the tastiest food you can eat, as it is also known for it's beautiful landscape, it's history and kind people. Like every country Lebanon does have it's cons but it will bypass them and evolve to the better !
Clarissa: did you visit Lebanon?
Erik: yes one of the most beautiful countries in the world !
by claryk95 December 31, 2018
This diminutive Mediterranean nation is a fascinating nexus point of the Middle East and the West; of Christianity and Islam; of tradition and modernity. It’s a place where culture, family and religion are all-important.
Home to a glorious national cuisine, a string of sexy beach resorts and the Middle East's most glamorous, hedonistic city (Beirut).
Lebanon is blessed with magnificent mountain vistas, majestic ancient ruins and an indomitable, hospitable people. Lebanon rewards the traveller with food for thought and a feast for the senses and the stomach.
Lebanon is the Paris of the Middle East
by kinsacha August 8, 2019
- Lebanon is the most beautiful country in the Middle East!

- The only country in the middle east without a desert!

- Neighbour countries tend to be jealous of their beautiful landscape/ their natural water/ their delicious food/their huge history
- lebanese are generous/loving and kind
- Countries surrounding Lebanon use any excuse to take lebanon 100 years back!

- lebanese will always stand tall and will always be number 1
Lebanon is the Paris of the Middle East
by Gold dust woman February 10, 2018
The land of bad internet and tawouk
My internet is super bad
Do you live in lebanon?
by Adam el zah2an November 17, 2020
A country that is located next to syria. It is under going several wars and political issues, which it brought upon itself.
The Lebenese people in general are hypocrites, they complain and yell at Syria and their government to get out of their country, but when Syria decides to leave they are so dependent on them.
I can recall first hand thousands of lebenese civilians flocking to Syria in the summer of 2006 during the Isreal/Hezbollah war for protection.
Yet these people complain syrians do lebanon harm.
Lebanon and their people are a waste of time, although their country is very beatiful and there girls are hot, do not judge a book by it's cover there girls are whores and lebanon is very corrupt and dependent on Syria.

Yeah Ali those Syrians are so dumb, I hate them.
Please Syrian citizens let us rent out your apartments lebanon is sorry !!!
by Rawad May 31, 2007
The haven of the remains of Middle-eastern christianity,created out of the French province of Syria to cater for Christian needs but is now rapidly being pushed back towards Islamic domination. A country that wants to be everything it is not, believes its European, believes its rich, believes plastic surgery makes you beautiful, but scratch the surface and you'll find the Arab country the lebanese so painfully try to hide. Food is great but attempts to sell it as 'lebanese food' are foolish, it is exactly the same as Syrian food and strongly linked to Greek and Turkish food for that matter.

Full of people that deny their Arab heritage and refuse to speak anything but English and French, as if they would rather be ruled by colonial powers than stamp their own inherited identity on the country.
Wake up Lebanon, you're poor, pretentious, Arab and ruled from Damascus. GET A GRIP.
by col. January 26, 2005