One absolute beast.
He cannot be stopped by anyone and is the definition of boss
Wow, that guys the boss or Liban
by KillaBilla January 21, 2014
A ladies magnet they love him they want to fuck him his considered the goat
by Smooovy November 23, 2021
Liban is a pretty unpopular name, but if you have a liban in your life you are lucky, he is a cool nice guy if you know him, he is a sexy as guy, woth curly hair and brown skin if you are one of his close friends he will never diss you and probably will treat you like one of his real niggas but if you a enemy, day died for cuz, he wll diss you till you cry real shit
liban will back up any of his niggas no atter what
by no cap no cap November 23, 2020
Liban is a really sexy guy and get a lot of bitches and is a real nigga he has curly hair and I probably brown

Liban is good guy and really good person and can get every girl he wants
Liban is nice guy
by Mohamed Ahmed Issa ali December 7, 2021
someone who is succesfull and people look up to
this boy is so liban
by lee 007 June 7, 2011