If your birthday is August 8th you are the most loyal and most beautiful person in the world!
Person1- “Wait! You birthday is on August 8!?”
Person2- “Yeah..?”
Person1- “Omg, that is amazing!!”
by Sp!dercat October 29, 2019
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The best day to be born 💕. #Leo
“August 8, isn’t that the birthday of Shawn Mendes ? “
“ Yes “
by L3o💕 October 17, 2019
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National scrap day
If you have beef with someone today is the day to sort it out
Person 1: oi cunt we got beef
person 2: okay lets scrap cunt its august 8 national scrap day
person 1: okay come at me cunt

person 2: lets scrap
by somebrowncunt October 21, 2019
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People born on august 8 are the sexiest girls and hottest boys and smart
P1:Who is s/he?
P2:Idk but s/he is a leo
P1:what date
P2:August 8
P1:That is why s/he is so damn fine
by A NarcissisticLeoBitch October 29, 2019
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It's one day a year, on which star-crossed-lovers reunite and attempt to live out the plot of "One Day"...but make it bearable to watch...
Each year, on August 8, they meet up and embark on another adventure together.
by eiryte August 25, 2021
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Best day of the year to be born for the best people, mainly anyone with the name Olivia ... because sheesh they are sexy and beutifaul, kind but a bit judgey. But holy, anyone born on this day is an absolute keeper, not like those grosse October 18 people
Person 1: Yo whats your birthday
Person 2: August 8th
Person 2; damn you must be fine
by over21 October 13, 2019
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