a boy you think is shy, and then you get to know him and think he's an asshole. then you know him even better and you love him more than you can bear, because you realize he's amazing
first impressions can be misleading. He might end up being a conrad
by mobames September 05, 2008
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This is a when you used a socked foot to rub your girlfriends labia while sitting in a public place.
The Conrad can be used while attending a class with your girlfriend sitting across you, you slide your foot between her legs and begin rubbing her vaginal area.

"She wanted me soo bad during class, I had to pull the Conrad just to keep her happy"
by p2brams May 13, 2010
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The sweetest guy you will ever met, a newfie through and through, will an amazing voice and an even more amazing heart. IS in love with one person and one person only. Is the most forgiving person on earth. Is a little bit weird, but it's a weirdness that is not hard to fall in love with.
God, Look at that sweet newfie boy, he's such a Conrad.
by AliceChevarie May 22, 2013
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A Conrad is a unit of measurement approximately 3 inches. Often found marked on rulers under a young man's bed.
After Becky's one night stand her friend asked how he was. Disappointedly she said he's about a Conrad.
by BagSlayer September 30, 2020
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The most amazing person you'll ever meet. Usually tall, smart and classy. Loves and can do any task he puts his mind to. Conrad is hotter than the sun but chiller than ice. If you find a Conrad, keep him, you won't regret it. Origin: Spanish class
Girl 1: Did you see that guy over there?!? He's so hot!
Girl 2: Yeah, he's such a Conrad.
Guy: I wish I could be like Conrad.
by Dr. Conrad May 15, 2016
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Most brilliant and SEXY person alive.
Girl 1:Omg omg it's Conrad!!!!!!!!!!!!
Girl 2:Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"clap" "clap" "clap"
by THESMARTANDDUMB December 31, 2008
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