N: (1)Leap or jump from, to, over and/or on an object that's at certain distinctive distance and height.(2) term used to define how someone is feeling by taking a risk with terrible consquences.
"He jumped, he jumped from 15 feet in the air with a backflip moving forward...ladies and gentlemen the back gainer leap of faith.."

"I tell ya doing something like that is testing your life duration and faith..Leap of faith"
by Cory Jonathan June 8, 2005
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The act of bringing a pinch of dip carefully from the tin to the user's mouth, WITHOUT DROPPING A SINGLE STRAND. For more of a challenge, try lengthening the distance from the tin to your mouth, such as (if in a car) reaching into the backseat and taking a pinch from someone else's tin. Once accomplished you will bask in an endless sea of self-pride and honour amongst your peers.
User 1(talking to User 2 in backseat): Dude, can I take a pinch from your tin?

User 2: Yea I guess so, that's a long reach for a pinch though, it's like a fucking LEAP OF FAITH!
by Guyceps March 16, 2008
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A huge 2 story ledge next to a large double set that only one skater, Jamie Thomas, has ever landed.
The Leap of Faith is a sick spot, but I would only try it if I had a death wish.
by Ricky Benda May 29, 2005
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When 2 people probably 2 guys get naked one pops a pill to get a major boner and lays on the ground preferably a paved driveway the other guy must then climb on the roof still naked and jump if he jumps perfectly it's said that he'll land right on the dick and it will shoot in to his asshole and it will feel so good they both blow there loads at the same time. But if he jumps wrong all his weight will come crashing down and break the guy on the grounds dick off that is the leap of faith
Jimmy and Timmy wanted to bring there love to the next level and take a leap of faith Timmy jumped wrong now Jimmy has a vagina.
by blumpkin25 February 9, 2015
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When you sit down to shit not knowing if the toilet roll will have enough to wipe it all. You've already undone your belt,pulled down your pants and sat down and then checked the roll. Will you risk it? Will you take the leap of faith?
''Man, scariest moment of my life, just took the leap of faith at my girlfriends house while meeting her parents, almost didnt make it, so close''

''Dude, I need help, just failed a leap of faith, come quick, stall 2''

''Fuck, that leap of faith I took today was closer than indiana jones trying to rescue his hat''
by Jove Salad November 13, 2011
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The point in a relationship when the man has so much faith in his partner that he will lay down on the ground while he is fully erect, and then have his partneer leap off the top of a high object, and with there legs pointed foward land on the mans erect penis. Hoping to get the perfect and ultmate penetration.
"Yo, me and my girlfriend tried the leap of faith. She missed and snapped my dick in half."
by OG SnowBone August 5, 2015
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