20 definitions by Ricky Benda

A skateboarding trick, like a boardslide, except you get on by putting your back truck over the rail first.
Lipslides. These should be learned after F/S Boardslides.
by Ricky Benda May 24, 2005
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1) A 50-50 is a skateboarding/snowboarding trick where you jump on to a rail, and grind the rail with your body parallel to the rail. This trick is the base for 5-0s, Nosegrinds, Crookeds, and Salads.

2) A 50-50 on a pipe is where you come up to an Axle Stall at an angle, and get on to the coping in Axle stall style, then you slide along the coping a little, then you drop back in.
50-50s are a simple, yet tight trick.
by Ricky Benda May 23, 2005
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A skateboarding trick where you go up to the coping on minipipe, turn 90 degrees, and lean back on your heels, therefore ending up with both trucks on the coping, and being stationary. To get out, lift up your front truck, lean forward, and pivot back 90 degrees, and come back down in the stance you came in. These are also the base for a 50-50 on a minipipe.
by Ricky Benda May 23, 2005
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One of the world's best skateboarders. He rides for Zero Skateboards.

Known for: Ollieing the Leap of Faith, flipping large stair sets, and large handrails.
Dude, Jamie Thomas must be the best skateboarder ever.
by Ricky Benda May 24, 2005
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A huge 2 story ledge next to a large double set that only one skater, Jamie Thomas, has ever landed.
The Leap of Faith is a sick spot, but I would only try it if I had a death wish.
by Ricky Benda May 28, 2005
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