Feeling a bit drunk or tipsy, when you cannot keep completely upright.
Hayley you are looking a bit Leany!
by Amy - xcutezix December 28, 2009
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Favored by many for her remarkable grace and beauty. Very intelligent and often flummoxes others with her stupendous vocabulary although benevolent. Her loyal nature makes her magnanimous and stoical. Curious yet genteel, she possesses the characteristics of a deity, by which she is coy,diligent and assiduous. But this is trumped by her vast elegance and beauty. Often described and leonine, due to her valorous and valiant actions.
by Orion Knight May 12, 2013
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the coolest mofo in town yo, she the shit everything she does is the shit, usually has a squad wit her dont fuk wit her. she kicks incredible dope shit all the time theres nothing she cant put her mind to and complete she will take you up to any dare so dont dare say she cant do it.
she awesome doh
damn what a leanie

shes like leanie
by unseenterror October 1, 2011
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She is an amazing girl. She know how to make people laugh and how to joke around. Leanie is a unique name for unique people. When you hear the name Leanie go and be her friend cause she is the type of friend that are loyal and funny!
by October 8, 2020
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A skinny penis; sharp as a razor. Not allowed at airports, schools (unless under 5 inches), government building, stadiums. Must be registered with the ATF if model 69 or higher. If longer than 11.5 inches it is considered an Assult Leanis.
Jim: "What happened to Carlos?"
Tyrone: "You didn't hear? He was detained at the border for trying to pass with an unregistered leanis."
by Get away dad! February 27, 2019
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A penis of biblical proportions, biologically curious in that both males and females may possess a Leanis. The origins of Leanises or, 'Leanai', are genetic - one cannot be grown, it must be born. In ages nine and younger, a Leanis will present as a smaller, but still formidable 'Stundnis'. In time, and with proper nutrition, this Stundnis will eventually mature into a fully fledged Leanis.
Dave: Man you'll never guess what..
Mike: What?
Dave: Just found out my girl has a Leanis.
Mike: You lucky motherfucker. Hold onto that one.
by notamethhead May 24, 2013
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1. n.
A penis longer than it is wide.
1. Did you see Joey's leanis? It's so thin, but it goes deep!
by MBI May 4, 2005
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