The act of embracing something, or a situation, by using it to empower yourself. To “lean into” something is to own it, to cast off disparagement. You move forward and deal with it with unhindered confidence, casting off concerns and cares.

Instead of letting a shortcoming hold you back, you find acceptance in the situation, perhaps even going as far as to pride yourself on it. “Leaning into it” may even imply doing more of the “thing” in question, or highlighting it, as a means to overpower it and have it no longer be deemed a weakness or unfortunate hangup.

The phrase may have risen itself from the physical act of bracing yourself against an impacting force, in the same way a person may tighten their stand against an incoming tidal wave.
"He was often self conscious about having red hair, but recently he decided to lean into it and really prided himself on it being his look."
by doomsdaychest November 10, 2017
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Aka. Purple Drank.

A mixture of Jolly Ranchers, Sprite, and codeine that will get you high asf.
Gary: Aye bro imma sip on yo purple kool aid.

Tyrone: That ain't kool aid you high ass nigga.
Gary: Aw fuck , you've been trippin on lean didn't you?
by yo dat ass January 29, 2018
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A complex, multicultural word with many meanings. According to the Celts, it is a name bestowed upon a most cherished lake in Kilarney: as in "Lough Leane- the lake of Learning. According to the French Le ane means "the ass." Usually a name given to a female. She is as unique as her name, fiercely independent, a great lover of all things creative and curiuos. She loves laughter. A lot. A Leane has an impish side and enjoys causing chaos then running away. Like a little Buddha figurine she does her work, leaves her influence, then moves on to the next project leaving droplets of cosmic confusion in her wake. A Leane has so many layers it is often difficult to get to her core. This makes a Leane feel like no one ever understands her yet she understands all. She is an enchantress and casts her spell on everyone she meets. Matter of fact spellbinder would be a synonym for Leane. Be sure to befriend a Leane when you meet one, you will gain a friend that cares about you more than you would ever know. They are approachable but make sure you leave a mirrors and shiny objects behind. Make sure you offer a Leane homemade cookies, or red wine (unless, of course they are under the age of 21 in the USA). Beware, however, the spelling. Not all Leanes are alike and are often mistaken for Leigh-anns or Leannes. Less than 1% of all women in the world are Leanes so if you find one there might be a leprechaun nearby with a pot of gold, and of course, a rainbow.
synonym: spellbinder
If you talk to that girl and you start to levitate, take this antidote, most likely she was a Leane.
by oreossleeping February 6, 2010
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to pull someones cards, to call them out, to force the truth out of them...usually an uncomfortable situation
"I saw Amanda's boyfriend out with another girl last night and I leaned on him hard as shit."

"You're lying to me! Don't make me lean on you in front of everyone."
by fishfilter September 19, 2008
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under the influence of a perscription painkiller, or powerful chemical drug.

normally used to describe the effects of Codine, various popular perscription pain relief medications, also used for describing the effects of DXM.

origin: Texas/Memphis
"i drank me 9 cups of sizzurp, im leanin!"
by cl9ud October 27, 2003
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A drink which is mostly consumed by rappers, this drink is mostly made up of Codeine cough syrup, sprite, and jolly ranchers. This drink is known to make people very drowsy and high. Don't do drugs kids, seriously, don't.
Yo, i got a pint of lean you gotta pay to get it
by DONTDODRUGSKIDS November 17, 2017
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