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The act of embracing something, or a situation, by using it to empower yourself. To “lean into” something is to own it, to cast off disparagement. You move forward and deal with it with unhindered confidence, casting off concerns and cares.

Instead of letting a shortcoming hold you back, you find acceptance in the situation, perhaps even going as far as to pride yourself on it. “Leaning into it” may even imply doing more of the “thing” in question, or highlighting it, as a means to overpower it and have it no longer be deemed a weakness or unfortunate hangup.

The phrase may have risen itself from the physical act of bracing yourself against an impacting force, in the same way a person may tighten their stand against an incoming tidal wave.
"He was often self conscious about having red hair, but recently he decided to lean into it and really prided himself on it being his look."
by doomsdaychest April 20, 2018
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1. to do or say sometime to an extreme
2. to do it "big"
white people don't say nigga when black people are around, but when we're not there, they lean into it.
by spyda23 January 21, 2009
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To ejaculate inside a woman or man.
Damn man, I couldn't control myself and I had to lean into it. I hope that bitch doesn't get pregnant!
by Royboy January 01, 2008
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