Leah is an amazing all around person. If you have a Leah in your life don’t give her up. Leah is a best friend type and will take nothing less and man does she deserve it. She loves sports. This girl is also very smart. She usually is very modest and doesn’t think she’s that smart. But she may have a temper. She doesn’t like it when people egnore her. Don’t get on her bad side and if you have a Leah in your life don’t give her up, she’ll always be there.
Friend 1- Ay I have this amazing best friend
Friend 2- let me guess her name is Leah
Friend 1- how u do that-that’s some voodoo s**t
by Ise Gaming November 11, 2017
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Leah is a type of girl that is athletic and always hyper and jumpy. Others say she's beautiful even though she doesn't feel like it. But she has the highest of self esteem. At the lowest of times she makes everyone smile. And if any one talks bad about her family or friend! Oh just you wait
Boy1:look at Leah she is so beautiful

Boy2:she is so athletic
by Osega December 27, 2016
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Leah is a beautiful, amazing, talented, and kind girl. She lights up my day as soon as I see her. I will love her forever and always.
Leah is the girl of my dreams
by Dante yet boiiiii May 19, 2018
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The name of you(the person looking this up on urban dictionary) or the name of someone you know
Ha, I wonder what Urban Dictionary says about me....lemme just look up 'Leah' here....
by leah is the awesomest November 13, 2011
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Female. Not a teenager anymore.

stubborn, trustworthy, loyal, punctual, amazing...
quite dillusioned but at least she knows it.

Fantastically funny.

Speaks sarcasm as a second language.
Hates late people.

Will run for the bus if she needs to.

Watches many many movies and can often be seen dancing.

Always there with a shoulder to lean on.
Leah is always on time and hates it when people are late and keep her waiting.

Leah can always put a smile on your face.
by LeahSade November 23, 2006
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It is kinda hard to find a Leah. They are very shy at first and that kinda leaves a bad impression on people. But whenever you get to know them, they are the most loyal people you will ever know. They always have friends first before everything else (Even boys). Some people might call a Leah a good girl but once you know them they are the complete opposite. She is a very beautiful person and her best features are her eyes and hair. But if there is a guy she likes she won’t really show it. She is a very strong person who keeps her feelings to herself because she thinks they might get in the way of other people. They get very angry at clingy people very quickly. She is also very photogenic, Musically talented, has a great singing voice, good sense of humor and gives the best advice. If your able to call Leah a best friend you have a very loyal friend. And if your able to call her your girlfriend your a lucky guy! A Leah tends to be very loyal when it comes to relationships.
Guy 1: Damn, looking good Leah!

Leah: Sorry I’m taken! No flirting for you!
by XxwinterwolfXx October 08, 2017
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