A freaking sexy girl with a big ass. She has all the curves. Her personality is great and her Sarcasm adds to it. She loves to tease guys. Playfully and sexually. Is usually seen hanging out with a bunch of guys. You may think of her as a whore but she isn't. She is shy if you don't talk to her but once you know her she's out going and sweet. Make her mad she's beat your ass. Anyone who knows a Leah is lucky
"Hey dude who was that girl you are with? She's freaking hot!"

"Oh Leah? Yeah I know" *smirk*
by Allisbuttman1 January 02, 2015
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She's so sweet, cool, and funny, everyone likes being around her. Yet she's full of contraditions.
Leah is all ladylike, yet always surprises people with her candor and wicked wit; she appears delicate, but is tough as nails; she seems so breezy, lighthearted and easy going, but is deeply religious and sincere; she's like "still waters", all calm on the surface, but deep and mysterious underneath.
by dumblikeafox February 03, 2010
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Of amazing beauty and unbarably nice...very attractive and ahmazing. Hater of the mean (c) lover of the nice! Abnormally large butt
Shes such a Leah, I mean look at her booty
by CARRLZ May 04, 2011
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Leah is a tall beautiful, many guys like her. She thinks she is ugly but isn’t really. She is also really funny and has a big ass. If you piss her off you better watch out. Very sarcastic and can always roast people. 😍
Guy : WOW that girl!
Guy2: Wow that must be a leah!!!
by jaki68 April 03, 2018
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Leah is absolutely stunning. She will make your day just by getting to see her and her smile will leave you speechless. She is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet, although if you get too close to her, be careful because you will fall for her instantly. You will never stop thinking about her no matter how hard you try. Her personality is one of a kind, she is funny, sweet, caring, and maybe a little shy at times. But everything about her is perfect.

You are the luckiest person ever if you get to meet a Leah
by Reverse cardddd June 01, 2019
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The mist sexiest hottest girl alive and she is such a turn on she is the best ever
Leah is the most fittest girl in the universe
by Teigan sloan hater fan club January 10, 2019
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Leah is an amazing girl with the most fun personality, the cutest face and smile, and the most amazing body ever. Not sure exactly what it is about her body but there is just something about it that is so attractive. She is also very modest about it which I find attractive. Currently, I wanna gw her but that is because I just FaceTimed her and normally I don't think about her unless we just ft. But with her I can ft the night away, she is just so much fun to talk to. After I talk to her there is legit nothing else I can think about, she is just so beautiful. I think if you were to close your eyes and try to picture the most beautiful person or the perfect body you couldnt even get that good lmao.

Im super surprised that she hasnt hu yet, cause rn I would totally gw her.

Idk bout tmrw tho lmao...
by amazon71002 November 26, 2018
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