Leah is someone who will change the world. Leah will marry the man of her dreams while living out her dream. Leah can sing her ass off. Despite everything that she is or has gone through she won’t let you see her pain. Leah is funny and she doesn’t usually put herself first. Leah is a QUEEN despite her last name being KING.
by Thatbeautyqueen September 14, 2018
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Gorgeous girl with the kindest heart, slightly irritating during the first few encounters, but overtime you begin to appreciate her quirks and imperfections. It's what makes one human. She likes to steal chip packets from your hands whilst your distracted by a conversation or event, and then runs away from you when you try to retrieve the chip packet. She is talented in ways that she and others dont understand. Leah is the girl you meet and overtime fall in love with. Her sparkling personality and gracious looks are too irresistable for any sane, straight man.
Person 1: Hey man check that girl out, shes cute.
Person 2: Nah man shes so irritating, screw that
Person 3: You two are stupid, thats Leah you're talking about there
Person 2: Holy shit I didn't realise
Person 1: Told you she was a good one
by Mybihluhdococaine December 28, 2017
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Leah is an amazing person and she’s so pretty, she’s so nice to all of her friends and she’s really funny. She’s one of the best people you will ever meet. If you meet a Leah don’t even let her go. She’s so loyal and social. She is a total baddie when it comes to situations. She is a real big troublemaker but that’s what make her so fun. She’s so sweet and loving. She has a great personality. She loves everyone especially her friends.
If you dare to mess with her or her friends you won’t dare mess with her or her friends again. She’s so pretty and extremely nice and the greatest person ever. Never let one go!!
Lexi: hey Leah

Leah: I love you bros

by My bro is weird February 18, 2019
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Leah is a beautiful and kind girl but when people say it she rejects it. She is amazing but if u get on her back side you will regret it. Leah isn't always perfect but does try her best to be good.
"Wow I like what Leah is wearing today"
by 9573 November 29, 2016
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Beautiful girl Who Is always there for her friends . She is the one they go to for advice. She is boy crazy, but fun with it. She is a funny, pleasant person to be around. You can count on her to keep your secrets, and she always knows what to say. She can turn your day around with one look and is a total boy magnet. She is insecure, though she shouldn't be, and needs to be more confident in who she is. She is a shameless flirt.😏😏😏
Guy: Who is that?
Guy 2: That's Leah
Guy: Is she available?
by myself dont ask why July 20, 2015
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A really nice person, can be wild, and often misunderstands things due to her innocent nature. example, may turn up to a pot party (as in the drug) with a chilli con carni in a pot, thinking it was a party where you bring a pot of something. when she becomes a mother, she is lovely, not over protective, but does things for her children's own good. she loves them and couldn't bare for anything to happen, however she feels she must let them free and will not keep them captured. all together a well rounded lovely person, she may she herself as average but is much much more. This was written by someone who Knows Leah, very well, considering she is my mum. and i no these are facts.
Wow. she really cares for those kids! thats Leah you know!
by XanLeaRobJac- Family August 16, 2011
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Female of the human species who loves sandwiches and has awesome socks
Whoa look at Leah she has awesome socks and sandwiches
by Spider Box March 11, 2013
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