She a a beautiful girl and she likes this boy called Ben
Friend:Leah don't u like Ben

by VI rc Tvtvtvr October 18, 2019
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Leah’s can be very shy and loves to draw

But once u become friends with them they are very outgoing usally watches anime and is very understanding ⚠️Once u become friends that friendship NEVER ends
It’s rare to see a Addison being friends with a leah
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by A.Girl.O.T.I July 18, 2021
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Basically the best. The most beautiful, lovely, caring, cute, sweet stunning girl. Beautiful from the outside and inside as well. A girl with a heart from gold.
Dffjfnfnfnd leah
by R0bbler March 16, 2017
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A sexy woman, normally smart and has big breasts, normally eats you right up but in school, she'll ace every test.
She can wear any clothes and still look perfect, she is kind and very friendly, she can smile at anyone and that person will feel like they're in heaven.
Friend: I don't like this shirt
Leah: I can have it
Friend: Ok
*Leah puts it on and looks like a goddess taking off her clothes*
Literally everyone: Wow
by Leahrichu May 21, 2020
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