A name that literally means "the best." "Le" meaning "the" and "Bron" meaning "best." An example of a person with this name is LeBron James, who in fact is the best (not Kobe Bryant).
Dude, LeBron and the Heat totally dominated Kobe and the Lakers last night.
by LeBrongreaterthanKobe March 18, 2011
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LeBron is a cute, handsome, and wonderful to hang around! He is very popular in the school! He sometimes gets in trouble but he can learn for his mistakes. LeBron can pull anyone but won’t cheat! LeBron loves to play sports such as basketball, and football! LeBron is someone u want to hang around!
girl 1: Hey did u hear ab LeBron

girl 2: yesssss
by LeBron Royal (love) February 15, 2020
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