When someone brutally and quite viciously betrays their city, country, state, team, gf/bf, etc in an unnecessarily public and boastful manner.
John suspected Erica was unfaithful, but when she pulled a Lebron and admitted it on his fb wall, it was too much for him.
by jacklerowski July 20, 2010
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transitive verb 1 a: to become humiliated by an inferior member of peer-group b : to refuse to acknowledge failure c : to strain abnormally in order to prevent exposure of embarrassment d : willful suppression evidence (of failure)
...went to the game last night and watched the versity pull a LeBron, losing to an unranked team that hasn't won a game in weeks.
by YOKS May 14, 2010
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Trying to insult someone else by insulting an innocent 3rd party
LeBron: "The Knicks totally should have drafted Dennis Smith Jr, who is superior to Frank Ntilikina. However, don't take this as an insult to Frank, just Phil Jackson. Don't mind me, I'm just pulling a Lebron"
See Also see "Baron Von Lebronhausen By Proxy"
by thebuzzardman November 13, 2017
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When a person chokes in a critical moment. Choking. Flaking. Fucking up.
Jimmy pulled a LeBron and missed the lay-up that would've tied the game.
by swagmastermonkey June 22, 2011
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pull up and launch a 40 foot jumper without even trying
"what! did you see that half court shot!

yeah, did logan just pull a lebron!?
by britmanSB June 14, 2009
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taking the easy way out, joining your enemies instead of fighting them.
You'll never see MJ pulling a lebron, he played versus Larry and Magic, not with them.
by PPaco July 19, 2010
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