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A beautiful, wonderful, out going girl who can always make your day. She can put a smile on everyone's face even if she cant put one on her own. She's a goof, extremely attractive and usually has blonde hair. She's petite, but can rock it. She'll make you nervous just by looking at you. Oh and she gotta donk;)
Who's that little hottie struttin it? Oh thats Kendell:)
by Lukiepookie January 06, 2013
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Typically a cute, younger female found mostly in the southern United States. She always finds ways to astonish and is quite the opposite of her kendall counter part.
Wow she is adorable, I bet her name is Kendell.
by duhhhavid February 13, 2009
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A sexy warm loving guy with a fairly huge cock he loves sex , and loves giving head if you come across an kendell get ready for the best day of ya life
You heard about the boy "kendell" my life was perfect with him
by Gang ganggggggggg June 18, 2018
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a very nice girl who loves others and wants the world to be a better place with her friends mary, beliza, maggie, and halie
kendell:i love life
via giphy
by kendelliskween December 27, 2018
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