A person that does all their work during the early hours of the day then coasts for the last two.
Wade: Hey Anthony, it looks like we underestimated the number of baskets we'd need for that Dallas job. Do you think you could call up United Basket and get us a few more?

Anthony: What? Isn't that something James normally takes care of?

Wade: Yes, but now that it's 3 o'clock we can't count on him for anything, being how he's a LeBroner and all.
by HoboSpider June 10, 2011
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When you are in a long term relationship and then one person announces in front of all your friends they are leaving you for someone else.
Wow did u see joeys totally lebroned chelsea the other night at alex's graf party?
by cavsfan937 July 09, 2010
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Steve: You left the office early yesterday
John: Oh yeah, just pulled a Lebron because I couldn't stand the pressure of having so much work.

Steve: Pulling a Lebron is such a bitch move
by mactus June 15, 2011
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the action of throwing yourself to the floor after a light brush by another player, person or animal. followed by an angry facial expression claiming it is not in any way your fault that you are on the ground
As he walked by the woman, her arm brushed against his and he thrust himself to the floor with an angry face. He was lebroning her
by dictionaryperson12345678906 February 17, 2014
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Joe: hey i have work tomorrow morning and its getting late.
Situatution: Yall gonna lebron now?
Joe : yup
by mistahh dutchmen. July 18, 2010
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To screw someone over. To inadvertently cause harm to someone by not coming through in the clutch.
I'll pick you up at the airport. Don't worry bro I wouldn't lebron you like that.
by sherhag June 19, 2011
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