1. The greatest player in the game right now.
2. 4x MVP, 2x Finals MVP, 2 TIME NBA CHAMPION.
3. A name (noun) that make millions of people angry, jealous, obsessed, or extremely happy in a matter of moments of hearing the name.
- "Hey, man did you see LeBron scored 37 points in Game 7 of the finals last night?"

- "NO! Shut the fuck up man. I'm from Cleveland. I fucking hate you because LeBron was my life before he left. Now we really won't have another championship here for another 47 years. Plus I wake up in this dirty, cold, shithole called Cleveland every morning, and he wakes up on the beach! FUCK THE HEAT"
by WitnessHialeah June 21, 2013
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To shit into another's mouth instead of upon their chest. (A modification of a Cleveland Steamer.)
My best friend slept with my wife, so I gave him a Lebron. The next week, my ex-wife stole the dog, so I gave her a Lebron too!
by ElCajones July 16, 2014
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1) To Be the Greatest Basketball Player of All-Time (other cases it also refers to the Greatest Player In Sports History)
2) No-One Is Better then You, and you are superior to the normal person
3) Another Way to Say King or GOAT
Shaun: I'm LeBron Muthafucka

Quavo: Dang My Bad i shouldn't Test the GOAT
Shaun: I'm To good Don't test the King/Goat (Flexes๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฟ)
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by GOAT JAMES March 08, 2019
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LeBron is the most amazing, caring, sweet and wonderful person you will ever meet. When he walks into a room everyone instantly starts smiling because he has a captivating radiance that is surpassed by nothing
Girl #1:I finally got a lebron๐Ÿคช

Girl #2:oh man, I need a lebron ๐Ÿ™„
by H.j.m1215 December 02, 2019
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