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A person that does all their work during the early hours of the day then coasts for the last two.
Wade: Hey Anthony, it looks like we underestimated the number of baskets we'd need for that Dallas job. Do you think you could call up United Basket and get us a few more?

Anthony: What? Isn't that something James normally takes care of?

Wade: Yes, but now that it's 3 o'clock we can't count on him for anything, being how he's a LeBroner and all.
by HoboSpider June 10, 2011
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A crucial part in a female athlete's physiological makeup in which without, leads to the individual's feeling unsure about herself. In some cases, this feeling can become so extreme that the athlete begins to concoct wild excuses to avoid having to compete for fear of failure.
Bulls fans are hoping Derrick Rose can regain the lost muscle mammary she lost tearing her labia.
by HoboSpider May 13, 2013
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Nickname given to LeBron James, small forward for the Miami Heat, paying homage to his two most memorable feats: (1) when he shit on the entire city of Cleveland by announcing on LIVE TV that he was leaving them for Miami, (2) when he choked harder than anyone has ever choked before, during the 2011 NBA Finals.
Chris: "Did you know that the Steamer STILL hasn't asked the mother of his children to marry him?"

Wade: "He says he WANTS to... he just doesn't have a ring yet."
by HoboSpider December 22, 2011
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