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A person that does all their work during the early hours of the day then coasts for the last two.
Wade: Hey Anthony, it looks like we underestimated the number of baskets we'd need for that Dallas job. Do you think you could call up United Basket and get us a few more?

Anthony: What? Isn't that something James normally takes care of?

Wade: Yes, but now that it's 3 o'clock we can't count on him for anything, being how he's a LeBroner and all.
by HoboSpider June 10, 2011
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The unintentional male arousal that comes from witnessing dunks and exceptional plays authored by LeBron James. Often results in a LeBrection.
Tim- Dude, did you see that throw down on the fast break LeBron just had?

Paul- Yeah, I can't stand up right now. I have a serious LeBroner.
by MB&TL April 03, 2009
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The unconditional love and admiration for NBA star LeBron James, resulting in an unparalleled man crush.
Chris: LeBron does it again! The guy's just a god.
Albert: Hey man, just cover up your LeBroner and sit back down. The games still going.
by Speenis wild November 26, 2009
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