American accents includes a huge variety that differs from state to state, even from borough to borough in nyc. It is not superior or inferior to any other English accents, and is just as beautiful as any other accents. Not all Americans sounds like hicks, and there's nothing wrong with sounding like a hick either.
American accent is colorful. Celebrate diversity!
by Ethanofnyc January 5, 2007
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a very beautiful way to speak. there r many varieties of the american accent with it's own regional accents. the american dialect tends to pronounce the words as they should be, which makes australians look like lazy asses when in terms of speaking.
American accent sounds more soothing then the flat aussie accent
by sebastoin pequot November 24, 2006
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For the limey idiot who said "colour" was originally spelled that way: look it up, dipshit. The "ou" dipthong originates from French, around the time of the Normans. The original spelling of "color" is "color," as are almost all Latinate/Grecian words (this discounts words of French origin, but most American spellings stick to French convention of using an "ou"). British dumbasses changed these words to make them appear more Latinate/Grecian by adding the u. Again, look it up, and look somewhere reputable, like a book. Noah Webster, an American dictionary writer, pushed for the American people to return to the correct, classic spelling of this and other words. He also pushed for the proper pronunciation of "schedule" as "skedule," as this is a Grecian word and all other Latinate/Grecian words with "sch" are pronounced "sk." Only Yiddish/Germanic "sch" words are pronounced "sh."

Furthermore, even British linguists state that most American accents (short of the accents which are closer to British accents, like East Coast accents) are closer to the "original" pronunciations of English. Strong vowels, rhoticism, and emphasis on syllables are all believed to be trademarks of Old and Middle English speakers.

And your talk about "y'all" shows how fucking stupid and ignorant you are. This is a Southern custom, you fucking idiot. And at least we don't call cigarettes "fags" you limey cocksucker.
American accent or British accent?: There is a reason Americans feel that British men sound like faggots....they fucking sound like faggots.
by 1776YouAllDied June 18, 2009
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They sound like a bunch of faggots getting fucked with a dildo just shut up and kill your self Americans you fat lazy no good shits.
The American accent makes people go nuts like shut up you fat annoying inbred pricks
by English are trannys December 13, 2021
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The collective term for all the different American accents, ALL of which generally sound very effeminate/gay compared to accents from other English-speaking countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland (and most Southern English accents).

Contrary to the general American view of their variety of accents, the rest of the world sees the Southern States accents as usually much less poofy/feminine than most other American accents, although rather annoying to listen to. American dialect is also characterized by faggy outdated words such as "limey".
A: Can you imitate an American accent?

B: Yeah, easy *puts on a gay voice*
by zldevvo June 7, 2012
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The mispronounced, over use of slang, often poorly educated twang, abortion of the use of the proper English language. It often includes mis-spelled words such as color (actually spelt colour by those who invented English). Depending on the geographic region, the accent commonly changes the sound of the vowels and where the emphasis is placed on words. For example, "police" with emphasis on the vowel "I" changes to an emphasis on the "O". In addition, the grammar includes words are blended together rather than properly pronouncing individual words. "You" (used in the plural) becomes "You all" and is shortened to "Y'all" which isn't acutally a word in any language. In large groups this can become "all, y'all" a redundant form.
An American accent mis-pronouncing the phase "You will get arrested by the police" sounds like "All y'all gonna get busted by the PO-lice."
by Dictionary Definer December 14, 2006
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Karen said "hello" in a thick american accent to Ken. Ken did not understand.
by WsdWpb September 7, 2021
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