Infamous War Criminal. Amassed an army of hundreds of child soldiers during the late '60s and occupied southern Nigeria for several years. Ended apartheid. Creator of noodletools.
Person One: "Did you hear about the genocide in rawanda"
Person Two: "Ah fuck Stuart Little's at it again"
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by Stuart Little Facts January 31, 2019
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In a sexual engagement among homosexual males, a gerbil is thrusted into the anus of another man. When the gerbil is birthed from the man's anus with the help of some light source, the gerbil then scratches the face of the other man.
"What the hell happened to your face there guy?"
"I got a Stuart Little last night."
"Oh, I see."
by mattjoshshanelucasdevendavidjj November 05, 2007
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