A subtle way of saying sex
Person 1: so, what did you get up to last night?
Person 2: I had some really great lasagne ;)
by Starkid November 20, 2014
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Lasagne Can Be Used As A Term For Weed
Yo My Brudda Sort Me Out With That Lasagne Ting
by Donnakabab69 February 4, 2018
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When ones fecal matter is under and overlaid with layers of neatly folded toilet paper. The bottom layer protects from unwanted splashback while the top layer precedes the wiping of his or her anus.
Darling, can you please be sure to flush your lasagne
by Oli Archibald April 14, 2008
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An Italian dish consisting of pasta sheets baked with meat, or vegetables, and a cheese sauce.
I shoved my cock inside the meaty lasagne and listened to it slop all over it like yogurt.
by PedoBear3000 February 17, 2019
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Usually found in college/university student accommodation.

Occurs when the owner of the poo can't be bothered to flush, and simply places layers of toilet paper over the top. And then the next person does the same. And the next, and the next...

Hopefully someone will flush the damn thing before it hits the ceiling.
"Jesus christ, there's a six-foot poo lasagne in there!"
by Pupu October 7, 2005
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