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To trespass in a manner that is non-malicious, but could be interpreted as very harmful. Often occurs during the game "fugitive"
Jack: Hey I heard the cops found you larching last night
Jill: Yeah, it was really late and we were out playing fugitive.
by Hojimachong August 20, 2009
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The art of striking up a conversation with someone in the front of a line. Then keeping place with said person. Ignoring the 100's of people already waiting. Then inviting their whole group in to larch. Thus, larching in line.
Look at those dirty larchers. They just larched to the front of the line with their gay ass poster tubes! Fucking larching! A Larcher is person who larches. The worst larchers, squeeze in line the bring the rest of their friends with them. Most larchers have their own poster tubes one their back, as to not damage their new show print.
by slopstheantigravitykid March 28, 2015
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