The lap of a some cases a female.......lets not get into that one

THe slut, Christina Aguilara was sitting on my laptop and scanning that sex ass (megabytez) all over me!!

by Jessica in Alaska....Anchorage January 31, 2003
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Performing a sex act upon a person whilst they are using a laptop computer (this may or may not actually be on their lap). Popular activities include facebook and browsing urban dictionary.
Hey look, Jack is totally Laptopping Sarah.

I really wish someone was laptopping me whilst writing this, but I have a desktop pc.
by Redwall II May 04, 2010
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A poker machine. Worshipped by centrelink beneficiaries and tradies australia wide as the favorite way to spend their paycheck. Nothing is as holy as spinning up a feature and hearing that angelic music play.
Bazza the Brickie loves hitting his local on a friday arvo to punch lung biscuits and guzzle schooie's while playing his favorite brickie's laptop Big Red. Last week he fed 8 pineapples in ($400) and was getting a bit distressed but then he got a feature on 5 buck hits. He "won" 300 bucks and bragged to the lads on monday morning at work about his epic win.
by Bigcockdeano November 22, 2017
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eating a personal pan pizza out of a box on your lap - usually in the presence of a lot of other hungry people
John (looking at Guiseppe eating a personal pan pizza out of a box) - "look at that bastard Giuseppe over there with his italian laptop"

Duane - "I wish he had some more, but you know how Italians and their laptops can be..."
by DuaneChapman May 03, 2011
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The action of taking two working condition laptops and smashing them together until one is left still working.
Matthan and I had a laptop war the other day and now he has to buy a new laptop.
by Double CC July 15, 2008
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like a gaming pc but you can bring it places
here is my ipad play on that. i have a gaming laptop
by NameSiren425547 December 26, 2020
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1)Typically one with so minuscule a penis, that it becomes imperative to roam the internet and pick random fights with other roamers. This can occur on any form of internet medium (e.g. Forums, online games, youtube etc.)

Generally, laptop gangsters are not gangsters at all, but no-lifes who never get laid and try to bully people on the net.
(i know. I know. But you you know it's true, you've seen what's called... lol.. an "internet fight".
NetSurfer1:"Oh wow, badassNaruto just called me a "noob" in this thread."

NetSurfer2: "ah so this is the Real Laptop Gangster..."
by Benemalio August 11, 2008
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