A beautiful girl who works hard and is a great friend. She gives up her time to help people who are in a bad way. She studies hard but parties hard too, when you can get her to cut loose and drink too much.
Did you guys see Lanni last night at Norm's?

Yeah, she was singing Gaga songs like a pro!
by Vanmundygar June 13, 2011
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A fucking over reacting little bitch that makes donold trump okay symbols 👌when talking to Kasey or antinique
Sprry I was being a bit Lanni then
by Kasey grant December 9, 2018
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A worldly man. A spiritual man. A man of many talents. A renaissance man. A man of the 21st century. A man you wouldn't want to mess with. A man who has been touched by the finger of god. A lover not a fighter but if he must defend his woman, he will take on all bitchasses.
Get out the way motherfucker, here comes Lanny.

Dude, move away from his shadow. You're in his way.
by Stu d'muffin July 18, 2014
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Usually a sweet girl

But will snap if she really gets upset. Usually Blonde with blue or green eyes.
Tall and has a contagious laugh
A Good friend
by Littlewhitegirl15 February 14, 2017
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short, eats a lot but is still kinda skinny, falls for douche bags,never dresses to impress,isn't good with love,has chapped lips but everyone loves her for her personality and is a loyal friend
i told carl a secret and it hasen't been spread around he is a real lannie
by 52ydvdj April 2, 2018
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A cute, funny boy with a great sense of humour. He is quite perceptive and can tell when you like him. He's a great friend to be around, but he can make you feel terrible at times. He can also hide his true feelings from you. He is usually pretty tall, dirty blonde hair with the most vibrant brown eyes you will ever see. His smile will bring your bad day to a close and open it to a splendid day. This man is rare and when he loves you hold on to him. When you first look into his eyes you will be thrown into a world of hard work, because once you fall for him, you feel as though you need to work for him. He is an amazing guy that I would not pass up the chance to date.
Girl One: Do you see that guy? He's kind of cute...
Girl Two: Oh him? He's Lanny. Every girl falls for him.
Girl One: Oh. Then I guess I will have to work hard for him huh....
by AmazingTurtle June 20, 2015
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