1. a person who is "enlightened" in all subject matter including arts, math, athletics, philosophy, music, history, and any other cultural aspect of society

2. a man who does everything and does it well

note: the renaissance was a period of enlightenment among the common people where great strides were taken to advancing knowledge for the purpose of bettering society
the most well rounded general awesome guy you can think of would be an example of a renaissance man
by Avraria- Baelgun March 30, 2010
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Someone who does a little bit of everything, yet does it extremely well.
Cyrano de Bergerac excelled in many areas of life and thus was a renaissance man.
by Roland Ellis December 19, 2005
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An individual talented in all spheres of human endeavour, including but not limited to sports, art, science, war, philosophy and music.

Some renaissance men of great repute include Leonardo Da Vinci and Goethe.

If you try and think of examples of Renaissance men, remember that it is not enough that they have brilliant minds (hence Einstein is out), nor is it enough that they are fine sportsmen (hence no Carl Lewis) or are well hung and virile (so no Shergar) and nor is it sufficient that they are musically gifted (so we omit Beethoven). It is a requirement that they are talented in ALL these areas.

I myself am a renaissance man, as I am a fine athelete, an excellent scholar, have an ear for music a talent for art and a way with the ladies.
#1: "What talent that young Douglas lad has!"
#2: "True, he is gifted at sports, academia and the arts."
#1: "Yes, he's a true renaissance man!"

Man: "Hey baby, wanna get a drink - I'm a real renaissance man!"
Woman: "Ooooh, OK!"
by Jamie Douglas December 1, 2006
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1. Machiavelli's idea of the perfect man, excelling in both medieval qualities of a knight and the classy qualities of a man of the renaissance. In essence, the perfect man. Said to be da Vinci, but he procrastinated so he can't be.
Will is the renaissance man with his buff body and huge brain.
by B-rad Lynch May 9, 2006
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1.) A man with many talents in multiple fields.

2.) If self-ascribed, often an indicator of arrogance. The label of "renaissance man" is ascribed to people by a third party, often when their intellectual and physical talents are recognized. People who describe themselves as "renaissance men" often think that their talents are considered exceptional, even though they're really more of someone who have yet to sharpen their actual skills in the many fields they're trying to engage in.
1.) A stellar athlete who played football in college, completed two bachelor's degrees in physics and neuroscience in 6 years, and finished a masters in biochemistry soon afterwards, Joe was not your average. He performs with a local symphony orchestra on his free time, and will be looking to join another local jazz group to add spice to his regular schedule.

2.) Andrew describes himself as a "renaissance man," despite having only an undergraduate in sociology and not much else. He picked up a guitar last year, and read four books written by conservative authors, but it's not like he even has the desire to leave his mom's basement and do much else besides play outdated video games and rant incessantly on Facebook political pages.
by Yas,bich,yas May 24, 2020
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Any man who isnt afraid of a womans bush.
Descrete woman: "I hope you don't mind, it's been a while since I've tidied up downstairs"
Generous Man: "No problem. I've always thought of myself as a bit of a renaissance man"
by Meatball1985 October 13, 2016
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An individual who actively studies and/or engages in several practices/crafts/trades which would generally be incongruent with one another, therefore not only making the feat of accomplishing mastery in multiple fields being impressive, but also the seemingly unusual combination in which those fields come together. This modern term is derived from the Renaissance polymath Leonardo Da Vinci, who achieved legendary status in the practices of painting, sculpting, inventing, engineering, anatomy, and architecture.
“I heard he’s in a lot of different bags.”

“Yeah, I saw him at the after party last Friday night dropping acid with a model and the next day he was at the opera with his grandma.”

“A renaissance mans, still.”
by Cantpimpmyrideitsalreadypimped September 18, 2020
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