Secure Landscaping is the utilization and deployment of Landscaping Techniques that secure and enhance your property in collaboration with network security surveillance.
Provides secure landscaping techniques that work to enhance your EYE™ Security System, while reducing your landscaping maintenance cost for your properties.
by EWTECHNERD May 06, 2019
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city that you see from ground up, and not from top down, that is also to say a non aerial panoramic view
urban landscape that is land scaped and that pedestrians are able to view and at the ready and not have to crink their neck to look at.
by a b see... December 08, 2016
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a term used to describe graffiti or trash on the sides of buildings or in streets of a metropolitan area. it can be used as a term of endearment for ones surroundings or used as a derogatory term by someone not familiar with the beauty of this particular type of landscaping.
Christina was admiring the urban landscaping in New York City, she had never seen graffiti that actually made the area look better.
by kevrockdal October 19, 2009
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Ted: Wasnt Susie looking hot tonight?
Bill: Nah...her bikini line needed sorting out, there was a Foresty Landscape going on down there!!
Ted: Nice
by Mad Frankie Fish December 06, 2012
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