The darkened, areola area on a woman's breast.
Hey Joe...I just One of my girlfrend's landing pads is bigger than the other!
by Alpha Axl December 04, 2010
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Placing the pad of your mom, girlfriend, or any other woman in your household in the toilet bowl before you drop oval brownies to prevent cold water from splashing up into your anus.
"You and Courtney still together?"
"No...she broke up with me because I used her last pantie liner for a landing pad. She couldn't go to her job interview because she bled through her pants."

"Come out tonight."
"I cant...Im grounded."
"For what?"
"Mom caught me using her tampax for a landing pad."
by Wildman Bill March 05, 2010
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Dating someone because you need somewhere to crash.
I'm staying with Claire.

That girl's a whackjob, dude.

I know but I need a landing pad.
by Shuaman June 27, 2019
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The flat area that your pants make near your crotch when you spread your legs; also can be used in place of lap
"c'mon gurl, come land on my landing pad.
by IcedaBurg February 28, 2012
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