having sex with the floor; to bang the floor. To throw yourself toward the ground and pop back up repeatedly while banging the floor
That girl was doing the logan yesterday! She was pretty into it.
by Loganster March 12, 2008
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A good guy to be around. Usually shy at first but nice in general. He is smart, creative and can lack common sense sometimes. The best guy to hang around.
Logan is the best guy around.
by MrFuzzyBun January 02, 2018
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So there's this guy named Logan, and he's really cool. He does strange things, like eat small children, but he's also really nice and a great friend. He may be the destroyer of universes, but his son Emerson, the destroyer of world's, still loves him. Logan is one of the best guys you'll ever meet and make sure to never insult him, because he will break your kneecaps with a blunt object.
Logan...that's kinda weird...
by jessisawkward December 17, 2015
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Logan's are sweet, kind, and loyal. They always try to protect the ones they love and care about and would do anything for their friends. They have dreamy voices and one look from them will make your heart melt. They also have a great sense of humor and love to make the ones they love laugh. They're amazing and inventive lovers and are always sure to please their partner. A night spent with a Logan will be the best of your life, though you'll wake the next morning sore and in serious need of hydration. If you are lucky enough to have caught the interest of a Logan, be sure to hang on to them.
Logan Great Sex Lover Amazing Funny Kind
by LRWalker May 29, 2013
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The best guy-friend you could EVER ask for he will always be there for you..... And even though you may have liked him for the past 3 YEARS!!!!!! He will still FRIEND ZONE YOU!!!!!!!! but ya know........it's fiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnne *laughs nervously* (not really)........ ANYWAYS............! Logan, you are my best friend, love ya! bye beaches!!!!!
"Logan, I like you....A LOT."
" thanks....You're a good friend too!" he says smiling,
him acting oblivious, "What? I just said you're a good friend....."
by PrincessBride123 December 23, 2019
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