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A liquor marketed towards black people as being the greatest thing ever. It actually isn't that bad, but it isn't nearly as good as the hype may suggest, and is deliberately priced high to make it seem exclusive when it tastes the same as a lot of $20 cognacs and brandys. I'd take a Woodford or a decent scotch any day over this stuff and spend less money.
Hennessy's popularity is a fabrication of America's military/industrial/rap music complex. Thanks, Tupac.
by jimmy911 August 31, 2010

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See: woman.
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by jimmy911 June 28, 2004

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A large working-class suburb just west of Cleveland, OH. The coastline consists of wealthy older liberals in 1920s mansions. The West End is a party spot for 20 somethings. As for the rest of the place, it's a combination of normal suburban families, gays, trust fund-less broke hipsters, and drug addicted criminal scum. The neighborhood goes from decent to terrible in the blink of an eye depending on where you go. All the billboard ads are for HIV meds, abortion clinics, or drug rehab programs. There's good pizza though, if that's your thing.
I parked my car overnight in Lakewood and someone smashed the window and stole the stereo. Who the hell steals car stereos in 2018?

Last night at Mehalls I saw two drunk 40 year old trannies in a fist fight. Typical.

I took my grandparents to Pier W one time for dinner but after driving up 117th St they said they'd never do it again.
by jimmy911 September 22, 2018

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