A team that just keeps winning. Thier team consists of two men: A mutant named "project shaq" and a rapist called kobe. then there are a bunch of extras to take up space.
they fucking suck. good thing kobe is going to jail. the lakers aint gonna be shit after that.
by ballskac June 12, 2004
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Someone who spreads loads of beef and shit
“Hey I really like that girl, should I ask her out”
“No she’s a huge laker
by Victorish Seal Mousse March 8, 2018
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a retired pirate that lives on a lake, with the big beard and hook for a hand and yellow trench coat
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A basketball team with god (Shaq) and the king of the kees (kobe)
by Supez May 22, 2004
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a team in LA that will never win a 4th championship because malone and payton r getting old and timberwolves r gonna kill them...they will also lose all their good players next year(2005)...LETS GO TIMBERWOLVES!!!
lakers r whack
by Yao Ming, Chau, Yao Yao May 24, 2004
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ditching for a baby reason. ditching because an extremely lame and stupid excuse.
"Hey we still going to the game Friday?"
"Yea bro!"
"Don't laker on me!"
-Doesn't show up-
"Bro you lakered on me!"
by kcrowd October 28, 2011
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Watching a grown person cry after losing to a competitor that they assumed they were superior to, finding out that they are not. Then later, instead of admitting the other team was better, you explain how you had some unrelated problems that impacted your ability to focus to use your full potential. You then start to cry some more and make it so pitifully about you (and not about the better team that beat you) that you become the center of attention.

It occurs in sports, politics.
Everytime the lakers lose a championship (especially to the Pistons or Celtics) they do that.

Hillary Clinton acted like a Laker when she lost to Obama.

Watch Kobe literally cry like a Laker.

The Tea Partiers are a bunch of Lakers
by osirica1 February 25, 2010
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