To have the head of a males penis repeatly rubbed until ejactulation in a lake
Man I got some sweet lakehead on friday
by JayJayjaynhjh April 08, 2010
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1)Slang for doing poorly on a test/assignment. Originated from Lakehead University in Ontario, a post-secondary institute renowned for its low admission standards, poor academic record and rampant alcoholism.

2) To carry out an extremely stupid or unadvisable act
1) Man, I went totally Lakehead on that Econ midterm.

2) Holy shit, I pulled a Lakehead!
by Brian March 06, 2005
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When a girl pretends to be on your nuts only to take everything from you and gives you a fake number.
SBT: "Yo Thomas hit up that girl you were chattin up today."
Thomas: "Ok!"

*ring ring*

Thomas: "Shit it's a fake number"
SBT: "Man you got lakeheaded"
by SBT2010 June 21, 2010
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A university devoted to teaching, socializing, entrainment, and its students. The place where anyone can find who they are, who they want to be, and what they want to become. Every day is different, and everyone is there to support one another. Only once one gets this far away from home can one understand the unique community that is Lakehead University. Go Thunder Wolves.
Lakehead University, here for everyone looking to make themselves apart of the future, unlike many larger southern Ontario Universities.
by AIL1993_LAKEHEAD September 26, 2011
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A university for individuals that enjoy sober, lonely evenings. They are all massive fans of Captain Planet and their women look like an uglier form of Joan Rivers. This university is known for their amazing cold Canadian climate and lack of difficult studies. This is the university that you need to apply to if you never want to meet anyone or enjoy yourself. If you intend to work at Wendy's for the rest of your life than apply to this University. Booze is not allowed at this school because: creative thinking , enjoyment and staggering are strictly prohibited at this school.
Lakehead University is a post secondary institution for people that were held back at least one grade before highschool.
by Landon Ashley December 15, 2009
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