Name used by awkward Princeton graduates to describe women they think are their girlfriends.
"There may be a lady friend involved, but she is neither a babe nor a chick."
by top loops May 17, 2009
A woman you engage in sexual intercourse with, but aren't dating; a friend with benefits.
Me and my lady friend walked to the store, but instead of holding hands, we drank beer and tried to push eachother into cars driving by.
by Rossum Oppossum May 12, 2017
What NBA bloggers call their girlfriends
I missed the 2nd half last night. I was out with my lady friend
by zugzugpat February 18, 2013
the equivalent of a guyfriend, or a friend that just happens to be a guy.
I'm hanging with my lady friend tonight!
by monkeygirllolo January 30, 2010
The term successful men in their late 20s use to describe an older, more experienced (sexually and professionally) woman (either their own age or in cougardom) with whom they maintain a relationship, but without fear of commitment or of such a mature woman becoming psycho, controlling, possessive gold diggers.
He goes to a city once a month to visit his lady friend.
by loveguru2011 April 7, 2011
A person whom you are dating exclusively, but who has not yet been elevated to "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" status.

See also: "special lady friend"
I'd like you guys to meet my special lady friend Jill; we've been sleeping--err, chilling together for about three weeks now.
by Sunfish February 16, 2005
A woman who is not your girlfriend, but is also more than an acquaintance. Generally the time between when you start talking to said woman, and she either becomes your girlfriend, or someone that you used to know. This time can last anywhere from several hours to several months.
"Are you guys girlfriend and boyfriend?" "No, she's my special lady friend."
by Steven Abootmanson March 24, 2017