To act as someone else in a, usually, ad-libbed play.

Often generalized into Fantasy-roleplaying and escapism. However, Civil War reenactments are often left out of this catagory, despite the obvious need for inclusion.
"Yo, they are gonna have a LARP at the Medieval fair tonight!"
by Sciencemile May 10, 2006
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A place for nerds to go when they want to feel less nerdy about themselves.
Did you see those crazy people at the larp? Man, they must have no lives. *goes back to playing magic cards and dnd in dark, secluded rooms*
by Akasha January 20, 2005
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"Man, I saw a whole bunch of plebs doing Live Action Role Play the other day, I couldnt help but piss myself"
by ASCii February 09, 2005
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LARP: Live Action Role Playing. verb:when a group of people meet up somewhere dressed up as faggots who want to hit each other with foam swords. They may also be carrying foam shields in order to protect themselves from the blows. They may meet anywhere as in someone's house or a public park. This seems very popular to people at the age of 30s in which society tends to think of geeks who still live with their moms in their basement. Some of these men and women have kids who have nowhere to go because they are too young to be left home alone are forced to come watch while the rest of us feel bad for them because of the humiliation they have to suffer.
Tom, the 30 year old man, says to his son "Billy, do you want to watch me LARP and kick some ass?"

Boy do I feel bad for that kid, "he has to sit there and watch his mom and dad dress up as hippies and hit each other with foam swords"
by kickass 182 May 25, 2009
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