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The sound of a joke flying over your head, or, alternatively, the comment of when someone is redirecting you to r/wooosh.
A: "My dad died when we couldn't remember his blood type. As he does he kept insisting for us to 'be positive', but it's hard."
B: "Their blood type was B positive."
C: "wooosh"
by extraterrestrialTerror September 03, 2018
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wooosh is for when someone doesn't understand the sarcastic or a joke and tries to correct the joker. r/wooosh has alot of examples
Guy 1 : I have a great knock knock joke
Guy 2 : Go ahead!
Guy 1 : You gotta start it first
Guy 2 : Knock knock!
Guy 1 : Who's there?
Guy 2 : No, you supposed to tell me the joke
Guy 1 : wooosh
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