LARP: Live Action Role Playing. verb:when a group of people meet up somewhere dressed up as faggots who want to hit each other with foam swords. They may also be carrying foam shields in order to protect themselves from the blows. They may meet anywhere as in someone's house or a public park. This seems very popular to people at the age of 30s in which society tends to think of geeks who still live with their moms in their basement. Some of these men and women have kids who have nowhere to go because they are too young to be left home alone are forced to come watch while the rest of us feel bad for them because of the humiliation they have to suffer.
Tom, the 30 year old man, says to his son "Billy, do you want to watch me LARP and kick some ass?"

Boy do I feel bad for that kid, "he has to sit there and watch his mom and dad dress up as hippies and hit each other with foam swords"
by kickass 182 May 25, 2009
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larp is for pathetic people who likes to dress up like stupid dwarfs and orcs.
larp is pathetic and gay!
by Dniworrom May 16, 2008
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In the context of Martial Arts, to practice in a way that more resembles a Role Playing Game than an actual fight, and/or to overdo it with terms from other languages, elaborate costumes, etc.

One may LARP as a Samurai or Ninja (Aikido, Budo Taijutsu/Ninpo), Buddhist monk (Shaolin Kung Fu),special forces soldier (systema, various forms of "street self defense), even a member of another culture in your own country (52 hand blocks).
Did you see those idiots dressed as ninjas demonstrating how to beat a sword with horse stance? Total LARP.
by Lelouche September 07, 2007
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Acronym that stands for:
Linux / Apache / Ruby / Postgres.
Linux / Apache / Rails / Postgres

A new rapid development web framework stack.
This is derived of the popular LAMP acronym that stands for:
Linux / Apache / Mysql / (PHP|Perl|Python)
Ruby on Rails is part of a LARP stack.
by Isidore Ducasse May 01, 2005
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A person who loses all verbal and motor skills after drinking copious amounts of liquor.
Coming home from the pub last night, Lauren fell down the Beaumont Hill again. What a Larp.
by Beaumontgal April 27, 2009
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Live Action Role Playing.
As everyone said, it is mostly used by attention whores. However, it can be used, and often in some parts areas, to shitpost and shill.
nice LARP, cringeoid
by somerandoCigarGuy September 08, 2018
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