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A fancy name for playing pretend.
Kid 1: let's play that I'm a wizard and you're a magic goblin
Kid 2: Ok, pretend I have a wand too! *wooosh!*~
-long, complex game ensues-

Adult 1: Hey man, let's LARP! I am the Alchemy Wizard
Adult 2: Ok! We'll be in the realm of Wizardania. I'm the Gnome of Royal Order. I have a fire wand~
-long, complex game ensues-
by ichigodesuka September 27, 2009

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What you call someone with no arms and legs, resting in a pile of leaves.
-What do you call a mate with no arms and legs when hes in a pile of leaves?
by ichigodesuka September 25, 2009

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An exclamation of frustration/anger. Often used by Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold.
Helga: Crimeny!! D:<
by ichigodesuka September 20, 2009

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What you call the guy in the water with no arms or legs.
-What do you call a guy with no arms and legs when you throw him into the lake?
by ichigodesuka September 25, 2009

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v. A strange phenomena that usually occurs late at night when you are surfing the web. You are very tired or in an altered state of mind and feeling very zen, meditative. As you surf, you find yourself pondering deep questions about yourself, life, other people, and the world around you; you search for answers; use the internet to search your soul
Last night I was really, really tired and on the internet... I had this wicked philosurfing session.

I found out why I am depressed... then stared at hundreds of random pictures and pondered who created them; what they mean in a different person's eyes. What do they mean to me? I took 23 quizzes that made me realize things about me that I never even realized. I laughed; I cried. Then, when I eventually slumped off to bed, heart racing fast and unable to sleep, I realized I had just gone to another realm of reality. No drugs attached.

I searched the web as I searched myself, man
by ichigodesuka September 12, 2009

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When you let a fingernail grow (usually the thumb or index finger) so it's just long enough to perform handy tasks.

This can be useful for opening packages, scraping stuff, picking your nose (if you're so inclined), self defense, plucking a stringed instrument, itching scratches... etc.
Guy 1: Hey Bill, do you need some scissors to open that box?
Bill: That's ok, I have my utility nail.

Bill proceeds to puncture the plastic with his utility nail then rip open the rest of the box.

Sue noticed a spot of dried crud on her project just before turning it in. Luckily, she had her utility nail and was able to scrape it off.
by ichigodesuka June 02, 2009

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