A disease where the the body's immume system attacks normal human cells and does not fight off infection. A person with Lupus can be in pain at times and care must be taken when they are sick. Contrary to some poeple's belief. A person with Lupus is not waiting around to die. They can live a long and normal life if they constantly monitor thier lupus and take certain precautions.
A person with Lupus needs someone that cares about them to the upmost and have to also be strong!
by F-40 May 28, 2005
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Always a diagnosis for any patient examined by Dr. Gregory House and his team.
Dr. House: It's never lupus.
by Incoherent Moron December 18, 2006
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Something that never happens.
It is NEVER lupus.
"It may be Lupus"
"No it's not Lupus"

This is supposed to be 20 words.
by Not-Lupus April 12, 2007
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A debilitating disease that involves being repeatedly attacked by a pack of blood-thirsty wolves. Any surrounding snow is usually left stained with blood.
Those crazy wolves totally got all lupus on his ass.
by freakwolfattacks December 9, 2010
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Latin for Wolf. I need more letters in my defintion
Wolf is used too much, I'll use Lupus instead.
by Lupus September 21, 2004
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new form of rock music that is a mix between '80's thrash a la slayer, grunge (eg- the jesus lizard, mudhoney), and real punk like Dead Kennedys and Misfits
have you heard about that new lupus band that's playing tonight?
by Nich Schwartz March 17, 2004
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Doodle Lupus
Origin: late 21st century English


1. (Medical) Described in late 2021, a disease primarily psychiatric in origin, wherein all perceived ailments are related to a singular underlying source. It is characterized by diffuse pain, poor sleep, minimal activity, victimhood, and a feeling of specialness, significance. Uniformly fatal within the mind.

2. (Astronomical) The hybrid poodle and wolf. A constellation situated close to and almost within Uranus.
“My husband won’t talk to me, my house is a wreck, and this flare-up of doodle lupus is causing extreme brain fog with 10/10 pain, so yes, Terry, I’m going to need an extra hour coming into work today.”
by patspatspats January 19, 2022
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