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A blob of snot. lung butter. Yellow Jello. An oyster. An unidentifiable mass of goo of probably disgusting origins. A chewy substance that is difficult to swallow. A throat rocket.
A loogey in your Big Mac can spoil your day.
by simbasat March 29, 2005
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A glob of mucus that builds up in your mouth until you have compiled a huge ball of snot in a pool of spit. It is almost impossible to keep it in your mouth or swallow it so the only way out is to spit out the loogey. The glob of snot will hit the ground with a satisfying plop. For maximum grossness keep the loogey in your mouth for as long as possible to build up spit and then when you spit it out it will be fucking HUGE.
Mike spit out a huge loogey and his girlfriend almost puked. A string of leftover spit was still hanging off of his lip and he had to get it off with his finger. Yummy.
by analpenetrationbyforce November 05, 2011
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