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An inside term, meaning to rip someone off, or take advantage of someone's stupidity. Basically to toatally slap your fucking head, and jack prices up on you, so your busted broke and I'm sitting on all your cheddar...
I could see this Fudnoker coming from across the parking lot.

I Fudnoked the shit out of this old crackhead fucker today, i sold him a 8ball for $150, but he didn't know I cut half of it with that white battery acid corrosion powder that was all over my car battery. He-He, Fudnoked him good!
by ScinoBasher999 November 25, 2006
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Sperm in the anus, when the semin is induced into the anus like an enima, and afterwards runs out. it is commonly referred to as an anal loogey.
I knew this chick one time that thought it was funny to show everybody her anal loogeys!!!
by ScinoBasher999 November 24, 2006
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The secreations emitted from either male or female genitalia. Meaning the fluid from the genitals, when leaked or "spit" from said penis or vagina, can the be refered to as genital spits. IE: The white spots on your dark sheets....that your mom saw the other day, and started sweating you about. But you told her it was a milkshake, shame on you.
Me and my girlfriend got so hot and heavy in my car last night, we got our genital spits all over my backseat, and the passenger seat, the driver's seat, the sterring wheel, and just a couple of spots in the trunk.
by ScinoBasher999 November 24, 2006
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