Skooter: *Spread arms until they fall off* o.o;;
John: ...
Lulu: loma
by Lulu November 23, 2003
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instead of lmao which is laughing your ass off, loma is laughing on your ass, far more realistic
by sweetsibbs June 08, 2011
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A pig-nosed bitch-face that tends to smell a bit fishy. They often backstab their "friends" and over estimate their athletic ability. Lomas are argumentative and stubborn. This may come from their mother's side.
"I can't believe you said that about me! Stop being a Loma!"
by hola, me nombre es paul. December 23, 2009
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lanky bastard who takes it up the arse as often as possible
mathew lomas coventry woodlands school west house year 11
by vortex...u know u got owned April 02, 2005
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