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Noob: omg ur s0 qweer.
Me: Ugh shut up, kid. Get off COD4 and go back to teletubbies!... You queer!
by Terrum February 20, 2010
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a homosexual man.

Often used by Redneck's,it is their way of saying "queer" because of their differing accents.
Redneck - "You fuckin' qweer!"
Guy - "It's queer you dumb redneck!"
by Goufpilot118 March 31, 2015
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n, v
A variation on Queer, meaning "different". Often used to describe anyone non-heterosexual. Can be used in a derogatory sense, or as as an identity.
"Are you gay?" "No, Im qweer"
by Nay February 19, 2005
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