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Acronym of the phrase 'Let's Move On'. Most commonly used in three contexts:

1. To express the idea of accepting an event
2. To change the topic of conversation, often used in awkward situations
3. To express the sentiment 'forget about it' or 'get over it', often used to mock
1. I'm still annoyed with you for sharing my secret but LMO
2. 'So what bra size are you?' 'That's an awkward question...LMO'
3. 'I think I'd be a good model' 'Lol mate it's not for you, LMO'
by Whowantstoknowdoe13 October 17, 2012
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Pronounced "Elmo" (like the red puppet), an Lmo is a girl that is extremely hot but has 0 ass. The assumption is that the girl at one point early in her life laughed so hard that she laughed her ass off. In addition, the word is derived from the common term "Lmao" butt the "a" for ass is removed because the girl did indeed laugh her ass off.
Tristan: Man that girl is beautiful but has no ass.
Dexter: Yeah she's an lmo.
by mrbdec33 June 13, 2015
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"lmao" without the left hand. Said "Laugh My Off" which doesn't make sense but it's not like anything ever does when typing with one hand.
"but yes It is a waste of my time because I don't normally wear panties

me: lmo"
by mbman July 24, 2011
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LMO is an abbreviation for the company the "London Mint Office" Also known as "The London Mint Office ltd". The London Mint Office is a leading distributor of collector coins in the UK.
"Iโ€™ve just received my gold Sovereign coin from LMO "
by Coin-Man March 08, 2010
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Love Missing Out. People who will find any excuse in the book to not have to go to a party, drinks or social event.

LMO boy:
"but... I got no cash man."

FOMO dude:
"bullshit mate, you get paid on the 15th every month and today is the 16th."

LMO boy:

"but... oh that's right my mum wants me to babysit my sister"

by theprinceofpaddington November 01, 2006
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