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Overpopulated tourist city located on some of the best beaches in Queensland.

Full of japnese tourists, festival fags and club-whores, all of whom think it's the coolest place to say they were
Festival fag: Biggest nightt out at the Gold Coast last niteee!!!
Club-whore: I lovveeee Goldd Coasstt!
Festival fag #2: Soo hungover... went for a surf..
Festival fag: But you don't surf..
Festivall fag #2: ...
by lysergic linguine January 04, 2011
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Popular tourist coastal area of south-east QLD, populated by bogans and asians on holiday. Sometimes referred to as the GC
The beach at the Gold Coast is always full of bloody tourists.
by McGooglykins October 25, 2008
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Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.
Strip of coast south of Brisbane down to the New Sout Wales border.
Great nightlife and women
"the drink" on the Gold Coast is awesome for RnB on a Wednesday Night!
by Paulius August 06, 2005
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The Gold Coast is a city in queensland, Aussie. Because of the F***in amazing beaches etc. the place is Full of asian tourists who take photos all the time, and locals who want to shoot them all. Slowly but surely, teens are taking over the streets, fighting with everyone and graffing everywhere. Future = F***ed.
Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.

Asian Tourist: "I rike you, you take foto?"
Local: "F*** right off mate!"
by phatholden187 November 28, 2006
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The Gold Coast is one of Chicago’s most affluent, upscale neighborhoods. It features some of the most exciting shopping opportunities including the beautiful Magnificent Mile, known for its high end shopping and striking landscaping. The Gold Coast is also home to world-class cultural institutions and unique boutiques that can be found on Oak Street.

In addition to the great panoramic view of the city skyline that the neighborhood offers, the Gold Coast is the home of Navy Pier, the John Hancock Building, the huge Water Tower shopping area and restaurant favorites like Gibson’s Steak House.
We went shopping on the Gold Coast for Christmas that year!
by Kevin aka K-Wang February 11, 2008
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The "Gold Coast" refers to a select number of towns in Connecticut, all in Fairfield County, that are the equivelent of Beverley Hills, but on the east coast. The Gold Coast is the richest section of the nation. The Gold Coast consists with Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, some parts of Stamford, such as Shippan or North Stamford, Wilton, Ridgefield, Westport, and Fairfield.
The "Gold Coast" is the country's richest region.
by Jim Smithinson August 15, 2006
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