when a males dick and balls bunch up in their pants to form a bulge-like form.
" His pants are so tight you can see his bulge."
by Chiz Nizzle April 4, 2003
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Kyle: dude, look at James bulge, and he has not even taken his pants off yet. Just wait till then.
Tyler: I know, It's huge. I think I am going to drop my shoes near him, and when I get up from getting them I and going to touch his dick.
Kyle: Smart, but I am just going over there and touching it.
James: Going where and touching what.
Kyle and Tyler: What, We weren't talking about anything.
James: I heard you
James drops his pants and lets them both suck on it.
by Guy 12345678901 February 8, 2018
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When a man has dick, usually tight for shorts, or just big in general
Jamal🧑🏾: Yoo Jason look at cock and ball torture’s bulge Jason: suck him off!
by jamal6969420 December 12, 2022
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When a males penis is so big it shows up through their pants, or when their pants are too tight. Do not mistake this for a boner any of you females out there. They are completely different things.
Girl: Ew he has a boner
Male: It's not a boner it's a bulge, I have a big penis
Retarded Male: No he has a boner (laughing till I'm crying)
Alpha Male: You fucking retards, it's not a boner a fucking bulge something that you'll never have (retarded Male). Like he said he just has a massive cock.
Girl: Oh ok.
by IGotTheRealBobbyShmurda October 12, 2018
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Slightly higher than moderate level of intoxication. Drunk but not wasted, crazy but not insane.
1: Are you planning on getting bulge tonight?
2: Yeah, I don’t want to get too bulge though. Have work in the AM.

1: All good, I’m fine with just getting bulge.
by AstorBrady March 11, 2021
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“Let me get that bulge” Johnny, Eddie and Frankie say.
by Fat Cack FNJE October 19, 2020
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When a senpai male's dick and ballz bunch up together having a bulge-like form
*rawr* x3 nuzzles pounces on you *uwu* ur so warm

couldn't help but notice your bulge from across the floor~
by •animemilk• October 3, 2021
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