What you can see when a guy is wither wearing tight shorts with no underwear or biker shorts, commando.
Sometimes, it looks big because they have a boner underneath. Other times it is just because they have a huge cock and balls that it gets pressed up in the shorts and appears bigger.

James sat down on the locker room bench, staring at Chris. Chris was the hottest guy on the swim team, coincidentally the fastest. Doing a few squats to stretch, Chris opened his legs, revealing a big bulge. He was wearing his swim shorts which clung tightly to every curve of Chris’ crotch and ass. He got ready to shower and peeled off his shorts, letting a limp 9 inch dick hang down. James sucked in a breath before realizing he was still staring. He was so hot. He peeked down and saw that his bulge was becoming clear as well. An obvious tent was there, his measly 5 inches standing at attention.
Before anyone else could see his bulge now tent, he took off his shorts. Chris walked over to James. He couldn’t handle it anymore. James pushed Chris against the wall, silencing him with a hard kiss before he could say anything. Chris didn’t even flinch, only filling with lust. He thrust his tongue into James’ mouth, releasing a small moan from him. James broke the kiss and began to suck him off. Chris’ dick was fully hard now, and he began bucking his hips, forcing his dick down James’ throat. James licked up and down his shaft, causing Chris to moan out loud, growing louder and louder before releasing his load into James’ mouth, who swallowed every last drop. Giving Chris a quick handjob, James laid down on a bench, legs spread apart. Chris took the hint. He walked over and positioned himself at James’ virgin hole. Taking a deep breath, James was ready, and Chris thrust himself inside.

He has such a big bulge, he probably has a big dick. I wanna fuck him.
by Call 429-256-9562 April 25, 2022
when a males dick and balls bunch up in their pants to form a bulge-like form.
" His pants are so tight you can see his bulge."
by Chiz Nizzle April 4, 2003
Kyle: dude, look at James bulge, and he has not even taken his pants off yet. Just wait till then.
Tyler: I know, It's huge. I think I am going to drop my shoes near him, and when I get up from getting them I and going to touch his dick.
Kyle: Smart, but I am just going over there and touching it.
James: Going where and touching what.
Kyle and Tyler: What, We weren't talking about anything.
James: I heard you
James drops his pants and lets them both suck on it.
by Guy 12345678901 February 8, 2018
When a males penis is so big it shows up through their pants, or when their pants are too tight. Do not mistake this for a boner any of you females out there. They are completely different things.
Girl: Ew he has a boner
Male: It's not a boner it's a bulge, I have a big penis
Retarded Male: No he has a boner (laughing till I'm crying)
Alpha Male: You fucking retards, it's not a boner a fucking bulge something that you'll never have (retarded Male). Like he said he just has a massive cock.
Girl: Oh ok.
by IGotTheRealBobbyShmurda October 12, 2018
Slightly higher than moderate level of intoxication. Drunk but not wasted, crazy but not insane.
1: Are you planning on getting bulge tonight?
2: Yeah, I don’t want to get too bulge though. Have work in the AM.

1: All good, I’m fine with just getting bulge.
by AstorBrady March 11, 2021
“Let me get that bulge” Johnny, Eddie and Frankie say.
by Fat Cack FNJE October 19, 2020
The act of taking or "borrowing" without any intention of ever returning.
Also to enter a room faking the act of masturbating while moaning. This can be stopped however by listening to sound of his personalized timbs coming down the hallway. You must lock your door immediately when you hear this.
See bulgeproof.

Bulger: Knock knock (enters the room moaning and using his right hand to jerk himself off while leaning back and closing his eyes.
Person: Sick bulge

Dude who took my food, why are u bulging it. Fuck

"Hatch where did your chexmix go"
Hatch: " i left my room unlocked yesterday, and bulge took care of it"

by Zoles1 February 10, 2009