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A man names sean grove tht have a small penis
glenn; what do LDG means?
mgiuel; little dick grove
by MIGGLENANTMAN January 20, 2010
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The “Lil dick gang”. Full of men with small penises, but are still totally badass. - The deadliest gang east of the Mississippi
Man #1: “Man, I wish I could be a member of the LDG.”
Man #2: “Me too. Unfortunately for us, our dicks are way too big, and we are not nearly badass enough
by Coletrain LDG May 05, 2018
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The best gang in the whole world. Way better than the bloods or crips.

LDG means, Lil D Gang. Esketit all ova da place. Oh, and one more thing, we are way better than the Foo Foo Demon Bears. LDG and FFDB hate eachother
You ain't cool unless u in da LDG brotha
by LDG December 12, 2017
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Ldg or “Little dick gang “ was Created by @_lilfrenchfries_ (his instagram) in 3rd grade . Jay Burner or Jay da Don is a fucking legend ❤️
by Unswitch May 15, 2018
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For a further definition, please contact the following personel: Greg, Britt or Greg.
Pardon me, it seems as though you have LDG hanging from your chin, oh, and a little on your ear, and you might want to check your hair.
by Karno O'Bano April 28, 2005
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