LBJ or the "Lateral Blow Job". Named for the position of the person performing the act. Also known from the acronym as "The Presidential" (Lyndon Baines Johnson)
Last night I put my girl friend in a head lock while she was giving me an awesome "LBJ".

My girl knows how to give a fucking royal "Presidential"
by David Sea August 21, 2009
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"Lazy Blow Job". It is when a female gives a blow job while resting her head on the guy's stomach. She may take occasional oral breaks, and switch on and off with the hand. Not as good as a traditional blow job, but still quite enjoyable.
Female: "I'm tired, let's go to bed."

Male: "Ah man, how 'bout a quick LBJ?"

Female: "Allllright."
by Mr. Wizard's Spell March 27, 2010
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Splashing someone in the face with scalding hot semen (heated on the stove) just as Lyndon B. Johnson splashed Vietnam with napalm.
Some people grow to enjoy recieving a LBJ from time to time.
by ice grilled cheese January 4, 2005
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The one part on 1st gen Tacos that is apt to fail before frame rots in two.
Man, I almost died when that lbj popped going down 25E. My Taco did the rim slide.
by swon February 11, 2021
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"Long Blow Job"-Every mans dream.
While at the drive thru the other day, I ordered a BLT, while receiving my LBJ.
by Jacomba February 27, 2004
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The greatest mixed drink known to mankind. It's the "Lebron James" of mixed drinks. It consists of 1-2 shots of captain morgan spiced rum with about 10 ounces of cream soda. Usually served over ice.
Bro I got so drunk after that third LBJ you made for me
by jvan45 February 18, 2013
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