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When you're under the delusion that two mask are better than one. This is not to be mistaken for double bagging or a two bagger. Double Masking is not for your protection but for the protection of others.
Kyle: You know that chick Emily?
Alan: Yeah, she's a total babe, the opposite of a two bagger.

Kyle: What I wouldn't do for a girl like that.
Alan: I know, even double masking is on the table.

Kyle: Dude!
by swon February 10, 2021

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Hitting a homer with your lady. After you round third base you want to go all the way.
After a month with trying and only getting to second base with Amanda I hit it out of the park and went all the way.
by swon February 11, 2021

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When you look back over your social media post and realize you over did it with the Bernie memes.
Bill: Do you remember when Bernie was on everyone's Facebook page?

Dan: Fuck man, you don't have to remind me I have enough Bernie shame as it is.
by swon February 12, 2021

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The one part on 1st gen Tacos that is apt to fail before frame rots in two.
Man, I almost died when that lbj popped going down 25E. My Taco did the rim slide.
by swon February 10, 2021

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