L-Dub or LDub is an affectionate nickname for the City of Lake Worth, located in Palm Beach County Florida. Many feel the nickname embraces the diverse, culturally rich, progressive coastal community.
Follow me to L-Dub for coffee & culture!
by M.C. Kenzie August 30, 2013
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lightweight, used generally for drinking
(Dub is short for W, as in LW standing for lightweight)
She'll be drunk as hell off six shots, bro. She's an l-dub.
by Mr TenAKey April 29, 2008
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A trite and overused nickname for the location of the city Lake Worth (Florida), used frequently by those to be considered down or hard to the curb.
yoyo son, i'm from L-dub.

Don't play with me dawg, i'm from L-dub
by FosL The Apostle July 09, 2006
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(lame white or L-dub) for any white person that feels privileged and acts rude, cocky, or annoying towards others because of it.
Last night that L-dub kept cutting in front of the line at the bar because he said he knew the owner.
by methtical February 02, 2010
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Name of someone who can preform oral sex on themselves.
Guy 1: Hey did you hear that guy can suck his own dick.
(Guy 2 turns to look at said person)
Guy 2: Hey what's up L-Dubs!
by world champ January 16, 2011
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L-Dub is slang for Lake Worth Florida. A city in palm beach county, just south of West Palm. Lake Worth is known for its high population of illegal hispanics.
"Yo where you at?"

"Im up on 10th in L Dub waitin for da bro wit da bags"

"Aight cop me one"
by MannyPBC October 14, 2007
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abbreved form of lightweight,meaning "somewhat","kind of", "sort of", "a little bit",etc..
Ariel: Do you think he's cute?
Cholita: L-dub...he's got nice abs!! Damn the things I would do to that body
by Ariel &Chloe April 02, 2009
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